Looking Down

Didn’t start out to take this picture for the blog today.  But, it made my day to get this shot. These redtails are always around when I don’t have a camera.  It was pretty grey and he was pretty far away, but a little cropping helped make this an image you can actually see. LOL  I thought it fit in well with the theme of looking down as he certainly was.New Year's Hawk Not sure if EC or a higher ISO would have helped in taking the picture.  I’m open to whatever you might have to say.


~ by victry1 on January 2, 2010.

14 Responses to “Looking Down”

  1. Great shot! Great way to show the theme!

  2. Its really pretty good, I would have been fumbling all over teying to get my macro lens to catch him with. The colors look good, the sky is bright so you might have tried a couple different things to help. But what I find is I am more worried about the subject than the background. Not sure the ISO would have made the difference but I am not an expert. I would edit in Photoshop or Elements and try to darken the sky a little and maybe do lab sharpening on him to see if that helps. Great catch.

    • Hi Terri,
      🙂 One thing I have found with these guys-if you look away for a second, they are Gone! I was very glad to have had an IS lens on, I was so excited that I saw him when I had a camera! I did edit in Aperture and also PSE 6. I did a ‘darken highlights”, but didn’t help much with the sky. Used recovery slider in Aperture. I am brand new to Aperture so still not familar with how to use it.

      Thanks for the CC.

  3. Actually, I think you did great for the time period you had to work with….sometimes you just have to get the shot….which you did pretty darn good (I have been trying to get a hawk forever and he is gone before I click)!

    When the sky is that grey, sometimes it is just better to replace it in elements….really nice opening image, what a beauty!

  4. Capturing bird images is one of the hardest things to do. It looks like this one was ready to bolt. My hat is off to you for getting this shot, looks great!!

    • I’ll say it’s hard! LOL. Thanks. My husband always makes fun (nicely, of course)-he says I have a personal relationship with this guy cause I’m always trying to shoot him.

  5. Thanks Tammy & Jens, it certainly made my day! 🙂

  6. Love how this beautiful raptor is set off by those bare branches and white background. You had to be really quick to nab this one.
    Great shot!

    • Thanks, Madelaine, Katy, Sherry & Ellen. It was great fun, though. Challenging. Now, I’m starting to think about saving for a better lens. 🙂

  7. Super capture! He does look ready to bolt! I’d say you did a wonderful job!

  8. Hi Eleanor,
    I think you done a great job! He’s beautiful! Have a great day!


  9. Well done! I don’t know how you could have done better with out having a tripod and a different day and different time of day and have it move closer! The white sky sets it off I think.

  10. Wow…what an amazing shot… I tried to get a photo of one, but he was camera shy…

    • Thank you-I had beginner’s luck. When he lands in a tree and sees me, he takes off. That day I knew he was in the area and as soon as I did, dropped doing my dishes and drove down the road to see if he was there. Surprise! He was. But, I learned an awful lot that day. Like make sure my AF is set on the right mode for one, and whatever I think the shutter speed should be – it should be faster. LOL

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