My first post

I’m not a writer and have not really blogged so I’m really glad it’s a PHOTO! blog. 🙂 I also like being part of a PhotoWalk-it implies fun and relaxation instead of something I have to work at.  I like that! My object with this post is to get a little familiar with WordPress, making an entry on the blog and uploading a photo. Lucky for me, this picture fits a couple themes for January – looking down and meditation. I imagine these two kids are really wondering how all this came about and what it all means for their lives.


~ by victry1 on December 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “My first post”

  1. And what a beautiful start….

  2. Happy New Year & Happy Blogging1

  3. Thanks! It’s going to be interesting, for sure. For me, anyway. LOL

  4. This is an interesting start to this year. I love those little people.

  5. Hi Eleanor,
    I love this shot! They are so cute and the colors are wonderful! Have a great new year blogging and taking pictures.


  6. Welcome and enjoy it — the group is wonderful — they have been so helpful to me! It gets a lot easier the more you do it. Nice interpretation.

  7. Thanks everybody. I’m looking forward to a fun year and learning lots! Still finding my way around these comments, ec.

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